Our primary focus is on top-level leadership across private and public sectors. 

Leadership development is all we do. It’s not an add-on to other business offerings. 

Individual Solutions

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Corporate Solutions

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Individual Solutions

Leadership Profiling

Our profiling approach includes a wide range of offerings – from one-on-one interviews, through tried and tested leadership diagnostics to online tools-our open architecture gives us the flexibility to select the most appropriate tools.

In order for organisations to change and grow, they need an understanding of the current leadership profile. In identifying the key leadership changes we work at an organisational level to develop leadership competencies and group-wide development solutions. At an individual leader level we identify growth points required to enable growth and alignment.


Executive Coaching

Many successful senior leaders recognise the importance in continuing to refine their skills, particularly in the area of influencing – that subtle skill which is the key to leadership. Working with Change Partners encourages leaders to continue to hone their performance resulting in even greater success.


Ideal for:

  • Leaders who recognise the value of having a sounding board or mirror to encourage personal reflection to enable them to clarify options and determine the best mix of their own skills and experience to meet each new challenge.
  • Obtaining a totally objective perspective from a non-judgemental and impartial partner who is unaffected by corporate politics.

  • Creating a confidential space where a leader can discuss any issue that concerns them in an open and frank manner, with no fear of repercussions.

Transition Coaching

The aim is on enabling a professional who has just joined the company in a senior role or has just been promoted into a senior role to use their first 100 days in a way that ensures they are immediately effective.

Working with a coach will encourage a new leader to remain focused on getting to establish the basics –  the nuances of the new role, the ‘unwritten rules’ of the organisation, the strategic priorities and the expectations of others – at a time when there will be many distractions and a temptation to just spring into action.

Transition management solutions span across 4 areas:

  • Organisational transition
  • Business unit transition
  • Functional transition 
    This is where new leaders roll up their sleeves and really begin to lead their teams. We encourage and facilitate increased collaboration and information sharing among team members.
    Another key area of functional transition is assisting to find common ground between the established team culture and the new leader’s style
  • Time spent on personal transition addresses the equally important aspects of the leader’s life outside the workplace.

Change Management

Change management is an approach to transition individuals, teams, and organisations using methods intended to re-direct the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation.

Our greatest contribution to change management is supporting leaders in leading change rather, than managing it


Approaches used include:

  • Organizational design and restructuring.
  • Cultural change programs.
  • People processes required to change.
  • Competency frameworks

Corporate Solutions

Leadership Strategy

As organisations grow, their needs become more sophisticated. We partner with the leadership team to design strategies to ensure that the organisation can capitalise on growth rather than be ambushed by it.


These interventions could include:

  • strategy development
  • organisational design
  • communication strategy
  • project management of change.

Through this partnership the client team is fully enabled to implement the new strategies with maximum impact.

Leadership Development

Solutions are focused on organisations who seek a systemic change in leadership and management behaviours which can best be achieved through specific training interventions.

Interventions may focus on specific skills such as:

  • effective communication
  • delegation
  • giving feedback
  • managing performance
  • influencing skills
  • time management
  • “boss as coach”

Others may support the implementation of new leadership frameworks. Our customised training methodology relies on our leadership profiling model which enables us to identify skills gaps and aspirational leadership behaviours.

Team Coaching

Assisting teams to gain a better understanding of their unique team dynamic and encouraging members to recognise their individual responsibilities and the expectations of their colleagues. Teams learn to communicate effectively by ‘speaking a common language


The outcomes are centered around:

  • Building emotional intelligence for improved conflict management among peers and team functioning.
  • Identify participants issues, requirements and needs around team dynamics.
  • Building a mutual understanding of each team member’s values, contribution and expectations.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of current communication within the team.

Group Coaching

This is a cost-effective approach to building competencies and leadership ability in the talent stream.

Group Coaching is an intervention designed to fast-track the leadership development of those members of the management team who have been identified as talent and are potentially part of the succession planning process.

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Group Coaching is suitable for groups of up to 6 people. Each participant receives one hour of one-on-one coaching per month and a monthly three-hour group coaching session covering a specific leadership theme identified through interviews with senior leadership as part of designing the intervention.

Getting started

The most crucial part of coaching is chemistry. For any coaching engagement to be successful there needs to be a relationship of trust, respect and empathy between coach and coachee. We are very experienced in this, and we welcome you to get in touch to find out more about what we can do for your personal and professional development.