Dr. Feroza Mansoor
Executive Coach

Being a medical doctor with a Postgraduate Diploma on Occupational Health, I am a firm believer of proactive health and wellness from a holistic perspective and have a wealth of knowledge and experience with the mind–body link to health and wellness. I am passionate about growth and development and am consistently learning new skills all the time to enhance my offering to my clients. I work as an Executive Coach and Mentor because I believe in being a Change Facilitator to empower individuals to transform themselves and to unlock their leadership potential.

My philosophy is based on the words of Mahatma Gandhi,” Be the Change you want to see in the World” and I choose to live my life daily through “conscious choice”, Choosing me as your coach will change your life because I bring years of business leadership experience, life experience,wisdom and presence into every coaching session.

How does my career experience add value to what I bring to client relationships?

Being in leadership role for 10 years as a National Director of an HIV Project, I have invaluable experience with the challenges senior executives experience and how to overcome them, as well as staff coaching and mentoring. I also have extensive hands on experience of every aspect of the Project Management, Strategic Management and Operational Management within complex organisational and industry structures with limited resources. I also have extensive experience in proposal writing and working with many international donor funding agencies.

I have worked at all levels within the South African Health Sector and worked as the Head of the Public Sector for SAMA (South African Medical Association).

Being the Director of my own company, I understand first-hand the challenges entrepreneurs and SMMEs experience and how to overcome them. 

What qualifies me for my work with Change Partners?

I have extensive coach training including being trained as an Executive Coach and use brain based coaching techniques including Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to help people transform their thinking, modify their behaviour and transform their lives. 

I coach intuitively and quickly cut to the core of the issues for resolution. I am able to pick up subconscious programming and to bring it into awareness for the coachee to deal with. My natural inclination is a problem solving approach and positive psychology and I believe that there is a gift in every challenge. I have an optimistic outlook and am able to motivate and inspire my coachee and to hold the safe space for my coachee to grow.

I offer One on One Executive Coaching (via face to face, skype or telecall sessions), Team/ Group Coaching and Leadership Development.
I also offer Consulting services, Workshop Facilitation, Public Speaking, Family Mediation and Training Programme Development services. I have over 20 years of experience in the Training and Development field and have extensive experience in workshop development and facilitation.