20 Ways Executive Coaching Drives Your Future Success

  When Change Partners was established 20 years ago, business coaching was a very new concept. As the company celebrates two decades in business, the Change Partners Coaches have developed this list of ways in which coaching is even more relevant in...

From Specialist to Leader

Being an expert or specialist in a field is naturally desirable for all human beings. In pursuit of this progression, you land a management position, take occupation of that big office with all the bells and whistles, you become the point of convergence....

Setting Your Development Goals

Analysis by the Centre for Creative Leadership, on the effectiveness of goal setting, provided the following insights: The 3 main reasons why goals may fail to inspire and institute change are; One, the goal is not valued – you have not committed your mind...

Ten Top Leadership Ideas

What? More Advice!  There are undoubtedly more books, articles and quotes about leadership than almost any other topic.  However, The template for the `ideal leader’ in any organisation is not the same today as it was five years ago, and it will not be a...

Leaders Train their Brains

In this third article, as well as in the previous two, I have taken excerpts and extracts from a recently published book called “The Leading Brain” by Friederike Fabritius and Hans Hagemann, 2017. Your brain may be smart and powerful; but it’s also...


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