What is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching is a facilitative process that leverages the experience of a group of individuals who may or not work together. Group Coaching is a facilitative process that leverages the resources and knowledge of a group of individuals working on a common theme but having different individual performance goals.

Why is Group Coaching beneficial to the organization?

Group coaching benefits organizations by stimulating constructive change and an entrepreneurial outlook:

  • Encourages the development and improvement of processes, services, and products
  • Increases team functioning and maturity
  • Integrates professional development and performance
  • Develops leadership and management capability
  • Builds and accelerates the organization’s learning capacity: shares intelligence across generations and levels of employees
  • Breaks down the silo mentality among departments
  • Fosters a culture of ongoing learning
  • Encourages peer consultation and collaboration
  • Optimizer goal accomplishment at the personal, group, and organization levels
  • Positively impacts the bottom-line

Our approach:

Spend time getting to know your group members – Just as in one-on-one coaching, in the group coaching the relationship between coach and clients is foundational for success. In group coaching, there are multiple agendas at play, rather than just one.

In the lead-up to our group coaching processes, we usually hold pre-program phone conversations with each group member. We use this call to answer any questions they may have, as well as to learn more about them, find out what brought them to the program, and learn about their goals and success measures for your work together.

Getting started

The most crucial part of coaching is chemistry. For any coaching engagement to be successful there needs to be a relationship of trust, respect and empathy between coach and coachee. We are very experienced in this, and we welcome you to get in touch to find out more about what we can do for your personal and professional development.

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e-BookWhere Should We Send Your Copy?