Delegating – Online Session Resource

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You will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of delegating for enhanced performance, time management, motivating, and developing others
  • Identify and strategise to overcome barriers to effective delegation
  • Apply four action steps for delegating assignments
  • Develop strategies and apply techniques for effective delegation


  • Defining effective delegation. A survey on delegation. What’s on your plate? What could you delegate?


  • Barriers to effective delegation. Best practices to overcome barriers. Overcoming your own barriers – delegating one more thing. What effective delegation is and isn’t.



  • Action steps for delegating. Communicate. Monitor. Debrief.


  • Planning your delegation. Case study. Planning your own


  • Communicating the delegation.

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Sarah is a manager who has set out her key goals for the week. After reviewing her plan and realizing the amount of interruptions she gets on any given day, she’s beginning to feel overwhelmed about what she’ll actually be able to accomplish. She absolutely can’t stay late again today or tomorrow.  She’s stayed late at work every day this week and it doesn’t seem to help;  she’s still behind and her list of things to do isn’t getting any shorter.   She doesn’t feel she can  push back on any of this with her boss – she knows it all has to be done – but her team is feeling the pressure, too.

Sarah has a team of three direct reports:

  • Molly, who has been on the job for three months. She has been identified as high-potential but has little experience in this department. It’s already obvious she is excellent at managing 
  • Brad, who has been a solid performer on the team for years. He has asked to take on more responsibility, but the last time Sarah asked him to do her monthly update, she was disappointed in what he did. Sarah hasn’t had time to coach him on
  • Gordon, who is Sarah’s “go-to guy” because he is dependable, and his performance consistently meets or exceeds expectations. Although he hasn’t said anything, Sarah expects him to be looking to reduce his overtime because of upcoming family


Of the items below, which do you think Sarah can delegate (fully or partially)?

  • Plan and lead weekly staff meeting to review team input on various projects and share any company updates to team members
  • Provide preliminary input for next year’s budget
  • Sign off on employee time sheets
  • Have IT reinstall system software on laptop
  • Talk to Brad about his handling of previous delegation
  • Organize/file mail, notes from recent meetings, and conference attendance materials that are piling high
  • Prepare monthly update for boss
  • Draft timeline / deliverables for 2 new key projects
  • Analyse turnover in department
  • Attend meeting of project team for high-visibility project
  • Interview candidates for administrative assistant

What key things does Sarah need to know/do to make the delegation successful?

What considerations should influence Sarah’s choice of whom to delegate to?

What would you recommend for Sarah’s delegation plan?

Now, Switch partners.

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