Developing Managerial Effectiveness

This programme is directly aimed at those who are preparing to step up to the next level of leadership and who recognise that new skills are needed to keep advancing. This may also include different approaches and letting go of some ‘comfort blankets’ which have provided assurance in the past.


Starts 6 June at 10am 


Online • Zoom


• Open


Group Coaching

About the programme

Research shows that ‘developing managerial effectiveness’ is regarded by many as a top challenge. The Group Coaching method will encourage action learning throughout the programme in developing readiness for the next opportunity.


Introductory Module:

Meet the Change Partners team and delegates in your group. Understand the learning journey that lies ahead. Know who to contact for support.

1. Setting Goals

Leaders must be proactive in setting goals & establishing timelines & deadlines necessary to keep themselves & their teams on track. Goal-setting provides a ready-made map to maintain focus on priorities.

2. Delegating

Empowering others is one of the best ways to increase productivity. But delegation does not come without its challenges and risks.

3. Maximising your unique value in your current role

Understanding core responsibilities and focusing on the most important tasks where one uniquely adds value. Being confident to say “No” effectively, thus freeing up time for the important stuff.

4. Emotional Intelligence:

This is commonly recognised as the ‘secret sauce’ that makes leaders successful. Delegates will understand what Emotional Intelligence is and will get simple tools to deepen this quality.

5. Managing upwards:

There is a common misconception that senior leaders always know best, & should not be challenged. It’s not that simple. We will discuss how to work most effectively to achieve the best out of every work relationship.


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Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your booking up to 48-hours before the event begins. You will receive a full refund, minus the administration costs and refund processing fees. If you cancel within 48-hours of the event or do not attend, you won’t receive a refund. Cancellation requests must be sent in writing via email.

Who should attend?


Upcoming managers

  • The programme aids in fast-tracking the leadership development of those members of the management team who have been identified as key talent and are potentially part of the succession planning process.


How you benefit


Peer consultation and collaboration

  • Create a culture of peer consultation and collaboration so that members embrace the insights, knowledge and collaborations of their peers.
  • Building emotional intelligence for improved conflict management among peers and team functioning.

Goal Setting

  • How to use goal setting to break larger, intimidating aspirations into smaller, more achievable stepping stones.
  • Involving team members in shaping the goals you want to accomplish
  • Holding yourself and the team accountable to the goal(s).

Enhance your communication skills

  • Learn how to communicate with authority, to inspire with credibility and to influence the people around you.

How to delegate

  • Delegating effectively to increase productivity.

Programme Co-Ordinators

All programme co-ordinators are accredited executive coaches, diverse, reflect the profile of South Africa’s population and have worked extensively with executive and board teams.

Nomase Loqo

Nomase Loqo

Executive Coach

Ashwin Rajah

Ashwin Rajah

Executive Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the programme?

Online sessions are conducted over 5 consecutive weeks (excluding the Introductory check in module).

How many people participate in each group session?

A maximum of 6-10 delegates are invited to participate in each programme

Do I have to prepare anything before attending?

Delegates are encouraged to complete pre-work (which includes recordings) for each of the modules prior to the online sessions.

You are also encouraged to reflect on your learnings after each module.

How are the online sessions conducted?

Online sessions are interactive and focus on the specified modules. Delegates are invited to engage during the sessions through asking questions and sharing their personal experiences and challenges

I have registered but didn’t receive a registration link?

Please check your junk mail, or alternatively click here to email the event co-ordinator to get it sorted.