Refilwe Marathe

Refilwe Marathe

Executive Coach



First and foremost, I seek an authentic connection with all my clients. When this happens, it is a turnkey moment that opens the door to making a difference in that person’s life. I aim to offer a safe space for clients to take a step back, assess what’s important to them and ultimately get on a path to success. Whether this happens in a 5-minute interaction or 5 months, I think the time is always ripe for a turnaround. My fundamental belief is that life can be more fulfilling, happier and satisfying; we just need to ask the right questions, reframe some perceptions and beliefs about ourselves and life, then commit to moving ahead.


How does my career experience add value to what I bring to client relationships?

My life has followed a trajectory similar to what many clients experience. I had a successful corporate career for over 12 years, which gave me an intimate understanding of corporate life; the challenges and dynamics. And while I could effectively deliver in my roles, there was a part of me that was left unfulfilled and asking, “Is this it?” I then transitioned into coaching nine years ago, which upended life as I knew it, required that I re-evaluate who I was and ultimately re-invent myself for a future I desired. This mirrors the journey so many of my clients are on; where life is seemingly ticking along and then you are forced, or choose to make a difference.

I understand the confusion, chaos and tumult that can come with stepping up and elevating your life. My experience with transition and changes stand me in good stead to understand where clients are coming from.

What qualifies me for my work with Change Partners?

I am an engaged, personable, perceptive and well-rounded professional. I commit to each client and I am able to adapt my approach for various personalities and scenarios.Seeing tangible results in clients is important to me because ultimately I am in the business of developing the capabilities of high-potential individuals. My value lies in the ability to coach clients to more accomplishment, excellence and success.

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e-BookWhere Should We Send Your Copy?