Pat Roberts

Pat Roberts

Senior Executive Development Coach



I coach senior executives and teams who acknowledge that they can achieve even more than they currently are, and who are open to exploring ways in which to unlock more of their potential, both for themselves and the value they add to the organisation.

My understanding of business broadly and at a senior level enables me to connect with executives on the issues they face with deep understanding. I am able to challenge current perceptions and beliefs in a way that opens up new possibilities and new ways of thinking about difficult situations.


How does my career experience add value to what I bring to client relationships?

My experience has been with large organisations with business leaders, teams and individuals identified as talent, working on fast-tracking leadership development and addressing specific issues they face within their organisations or related to their growth as leaders.

The outcome of executive coaching is an individual who has faced tough goals, conquered them and learned the ability to self-correct in the future. The process works towards enhancing excellence and supporting even greater achievement. I’m also very comfortable drawing on my experience of communication as a strategic tool within organisations.

Prior to my career in leadership development I was the managing director of two of the larger strategic communication consultancies in South Africa. In this capacity I have worked at senior level across all industry sectors as well as Government and NGO’s.

What qualifies me for my work with Change Partners?

I hold the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business PCC qualification in coaching, the most senior Communication qualification offered by the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa and a wide range of business qualifications through GMIT, The Aspen Institute (Colorado) and Wits Business School. I hold the MCC (Master Coach Credential) from the International Coach Federation, of which I am a board member and a registered coach with Comensa.