Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson

International Executive Coach



I have been involved in coaching for over 25 years. My focus is primarily particularly on leadership issues, since I had the good fortune to have been specifically trained as a leader in my early career, and to hone my skills surrounded by understanding followers. We shared a common desire for me to excel as a leader since we were all literally in the same boat! (see below)


How does my career experience add value to what I bring to client relationships?

‚ÄčI spent 20 years as an officer in the British Royal Navy, mainly in the submarine service, where I had the privilege of commanding a submarine which completed the longest recorded war patrol ever - in the Falklands campaign of 1982. This was followed by a spell as a senior executive with British Railways at the time of transition from nationalised to private company.

In 1998 I founded Change Partners - a pioneer in the executive coaching field in South Africa. I have also worked for several non-profit organisations over the past 30 years. All of which has given me an understanding of a wide swathe of leadership roles.

What qualifies me for my work with Change Partners?

My professional career, professional standards and approach, and my passion for the benefits I can offer to our clients.

I have a flexible approach, based around my leadership experiences over a 50-year career, and my coaching expertise honed over the past 25 years, which I can apply to the benefit of an individual or team growth through facilitation, coaching or consulting.

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e-BookWhere Should We Send Your Copy?