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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching provides a powerful career development experience, helping leaders develop valuable new skills that can open up opportunities for promotion and advancement. At the same time, coaching helps leaders become better managers, which can boost employee engagement and retention throughout the organization.

Executive Coaching

Executive Leaders use us when they recognize the value of having a sounding board or as a mirror to encourage personal reflection. We enable them to clarify options and determine the best mix of their own skills and experience to meet each new challenge.

Team Effectiveness

Team Coaching is the art of facilitating and challenging a team to maximize its performance and enjoyment in service of meaningful organizational goals. Team coaching helps teams reach their goals, while creating a sustainable environment that cultivates long-term excellence and success.

Transitional Coaching

We work with a leader in a new role. We support you to remain focused on getting to establish the basic nuances of the new role, the ‘unwritten rules’ of the organisation, the strategic priorities, and the expectations of others.

Names have been removed to maintain client confidentiality

I always find the coaching sessions valuable and challenging. My coaches advice about reaching out to my client was perfect - the matter I wanted to raise had been troubling him too, so he was happy to talk it through with me last night.


Senior Manager

Government Department

I am conscious of a number of areas that I still need to work on, but I feel, with your help a lot of progress has been made. I also enjoyed and looked forward to the sessions with you. In retrospect, I was initially a bit sceptical about coaching in general, but your honesty and no-nonsense attitude did win me over.

Head of Security

Banking Group

We had the pleasure of working with Change Partners Coaching in respect of leadership coaching services to design and construct a personal development programme for forty eight of the senior management service. Their ability to customize, adapt according to the timelines and build strong relationships is commended and has set them apart.

Chief Director of Human Resources and Learning

Government Department

Getting started

The most crucial part of coaching is chemistry. For any coaching engagement to be successful there needs to be a relationship of trust, respect and empathy between coach and coachee. We are very experienced in this, and we welcome you to get in touch to find out more about what we can do for your personal and professional development.

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e-BookWhere Should We Send Your Copy?